Little bit of you


Therz a tiny bit of you
Ther is a little bit of you
That I can never let go
But I can never show
Everytime I hear our song
I hear it a little long
I never drop a tear
Or say about my fear
But In my every breath
and it will b till my death
a little  bit of you
in everything I do
It’s been from the start
I can never let it part
A tiny speck of you
Sometimes I cant sleep
cz sumwher very deep
I got a little bit of you
And sometimes am alone
And I think tht u r gone
I it feel in my heart
It irks tht little part
That tiny bit of you
That little bit of you
And I can’t let it go
I can never let it go!! 


I have a friend who recently left the firm and we gave him a farewell and wrote him farewell notes, I had sent him a mail stating that it was a pleasure working with him and we’ll miss him. He isn’t blessed with very good communication skills and we do not mind that,after all he is a friend. English is not his first language and many people like me and him are not so well versed with English or any language which hasn been our mother tounge. Am pretty sure I have already made a few mistakes in past few sentences. But one of the mails couldn stop me from laughing and was totally worth a share. This is how it goes:

I am very very sorry for replying to your mail very lately and because of this reason i am replying to you(not for all) only.. 🙂
Thanks a lot for your wishes and I also missed a lot your People(Can’t able tell you how much… 😦    ) Really, i am feeling very very bad to leave your people.  But, just because of Family(which is 1st Priority.. 🙂 🙂 ) leaved your people.
Anyway, hope that will try to not miss your people over the
All the Best for your Bright Future.. n Keep in Contact.. 🙂
Best Regards,

P.S: I havn’t touched a word of what he originally wrote except his mail id.




Ek wajah ki talaash rehti hai


Is dil ko jeene ki tamanna ki talash rehti hai
wajah hi mil jaye ek wajah ki aas rehti hai
dhoonta rehta hai ye har jagah
nahi mili isko jeene ki ek bhi wajah
tanhaiyo me beth k sochta k yu hi din kaat lein
chup chaap in aanson ko khud me samete
zara duniya k sath thoda muskura lein
par har lamha yu hi kuch chubhta rehta hai
honth muskurate aur dil sisakta rehta hai
zindagi ko dekhte rahte hai hum yu hi khamosh bethe
aur waqt yu hi nazro se guzarta rehta hai
din guzarte hain..saal beet jate hain
aur dil yu hi bas thama rehta hai
log aate hain..mehfile sajti hain
dost bante hain..hasiya khilkhilati hain
par dil khamosh betha rehta hai
aksar hawa k jhauke yaado ki doli laate hain
ankho k paimane se khud hi aansu chalak jate hain
Aur fir bhi dil ko jeene ki tamanna ki talash rehti hai
wajah hi mil jaye ek wajah ki aas rehti hai
dhoonta rehta hai ye har jagah
nahi mili isko jeene ki ek bhi wajah
sooni wadiyo me kabhi aur tanha raasto par
ruk jata hai chalte chalte lamha is kadar
jaise pehle bhi mile hon hum us se
jaise pehchaan ho koi purani hum se
dekhta hai humari orr sawal bhari nazron se
poochta hai kab tak guzroge tum yu hi inn raaho se
kehta hai ab chhod do zidd aur sab ye bahane
dekhe hain tum jaise kahi kisseh purane
kab tak dhoondoge bahane jine k
kab tak hasoge dard chupa rakh kar
koi bahana nai aayega in soone raasto par
chhod do ye dor aur nikal jao aage naye rasto par
jitna muskuraoge utna hi dard milega
jab tak jiyoge tab talak hi chubhan bhari saans chalegi
par dil nai sunta ise jeene ki tamanna ki talash rehti hai
wajah hi mil jaye ek wajah ki aas rehti hai
dhoonta rehta hai ye har jagah
nahi mili isko jeene ki ek bhi wajah
ise jeene ki tamanna ki talash rehti hai
wajah hi mil jaye ek wajah ki aas rehti hai

Remembering Anji


I never write any personal stories up here esp with names of people from my life. But today am gonna write about her. Anji…. my college friend…don’t make a face if you haven’t ever heard about her despite of being my best friend ( if you are) 😛 because she is a closed chapter of my life.

We were the 3 idiots/ 3 muskeeters/the wonder threesome of our class. Rashmi, Anjana and me. and then people used to come along, but we three remained friends all 4 years of our college. And we were different. We weren’t too reserved, nor too outgoing, we were just us. We loved to go to Lajpat Nagar and Sarojni Nagar. We loved to watch movies at Anjiz place. And we loved to go to Vishal Mart( it had a good food court) and Mc Ds and Haldirams. Unlike other college going girls of our age. We never did a dieting. We never cared much about how we look. Never applied liners and mascaras and dressed in what we felt was comfortable and good looking. We never bothered about what guys think of us. That is how we were…that’s why I said we were…”Us”…simply us…and that’s all can’t describe it with any other synonym. Rashmi was an academic genius from Bihar. Anjana was always the first one to do her assignments and the whole class copied and me….I had no idea where my life is goin and what the hell am born for and why am I doing engineering. Meri engineering k sath arranged marriage ho gayi thi and I was making no efforts to make it work. I was only copying notes from Anjana, cramming important topics with Rashmi’s help before exams and roaming around here and there and everywhere. Rajat he was my pal, my buddy, my best friend and my sweet bro jisko pyar se bol k koi bhi kaam karva sakti thi and kahi bhi bike pe ghoomne ja sakti thi :P. I know I was a typical IT stuff already :D. Huh! I miss those days. But then life moves on and college was almost getting over. I now had a bigger gang of my best pals. Me, Anji, Rashmi, Rajat, Nitin, Farhan, Saurav, and Himanshu. With the later three the bonding became stronger mostly after college days. Aah yes in the meanwhile I found a stupid puppy love. A guy from nowhere, who looked no special, had no wonder qualities and we (now I think) never clicked but we became great phone friends, chatting friends and best friends and then girlfriend-boyfriend ( Thankgod it didn’t workout and not very long later we broke-up..good for us!). Rashmi started dating her now hubby sweet jij. I was happy for her.But do happy times last forever?

Hmm I think a storm came over our good times and the signs began during placements. The first company was TCS…Rashmi cleared…Anji and I couldn’t rest no one mattered much to me. Few days later Adobe came, neither me nor Anji could clear. But I used to hear often that am smart and I can get through any interview. I soon realized it was all crap. A day before CSC came, Anji had burst into tears. Rashmi ka ho gaya placement, Shuchi ka ho jayega mera kya hoga. I felt bad..but its OK my friend was upset and nothing else matters so we cheered her up. Gave her motivation and I was happy she cleared it, I couldn’t and its OK. Slowly each and every company came and went off I couldn’t clear any of it. Some weird people in class always saw me as a looser. Varun, Lav…hell with them!! Who cares!!! Anyways then came the time for belling the CAT. Anju and Rashmi were trying hard and I was roaming here n there again :D. Anji couldn get thru. I got 83 percentile never bothered to apply in any private instis cz wasn’t so intrested in MBA and our she got thru :D. Yea I was elated. But Anji…no she wasn’t she was feeling left out. But why left out, even I didn clear it now I realized she too saw me as a looser. Ohkay….and its OK I thought. No worries. Time flew by I joined Nuclues as a developer and Anji joined CSC , Rashmi went to Kolkatta. Lives got busy and I met Anji once she said she got a job much like a BPO and is not happy with that, when I said I am a developer she didn’t look very comfortable. I didn’t care much. We kept meeting as friends and soon later she announced she is looking for a match for arranged marrige.

Arranged marriage are you serious??? At that time it sounded like someone said she wants to go to jail. But the reason she gave had shook me. “You have a bf, Rashmi has a bf..I dnt have one..and I dnt wana be left unmarried”…WTF  i thought. I stopped considering her my friend since then but never mentioned it to her. Her wedding date came near. I kept thinking she may ask me to come with her for wedding shopping, but she never did. I thought she will come over to my place and invite my parents too, since we used to go to her place so often it was like an obvious expectation. She didn’t and I felt bad, too bad above that she said ” I know you guys won’t come to my wedding but I had to invite”. Won’t come…why was she getting married on Mars??? I didn’t say anything because its someone’s wedding why bother her and myself too. I thought I expect too much from friends. and yes maybe I did. Time again flew by and differences between me and Anji grew. I wasn’t someone who would stay quite for long and we had a bad row over things. She said am being unreasonable and inconsiderate. I said she is not being a good friend and blah blah blah. The chapter got closed and we never ever opened it again.

Now that I look back I feel glad. Because the sound of my wisdom says we are what we choose to do and I choose not to compete with my friends or anyone. My competition is with my own present and not anyone else. Who she is and what she has is not my priority. What I am and what I want to be is what am concerned about because that is what will decide my path, my story. Today Anji and Rashmi are married am Single and had a few breakups. But am happy. am happy to have the experiences I had. Happy to be enjoying what am enjoying. And very happy that I have Rashmi and Kushagra and Saurav and Rajat and my other friends I made after college. I love them all. Each one of them have a special place in my heart and it doesn’t matter what job they do or how much they earn or in which country they live or which car they drive. I love my work I do, my boss sucks, I will buy a car someday, my last ex.. I still miss him, I love my smile in the mirror, I have a small little android phone, my last hair cut went awesome and I have seen atleast 40 cities in India and explored them. I know a bit of spanish and bangla and gujju.. in short my life is not perfect. But I love it, it is just the way it should be… na zaada.. na kam. and I do not want to belittle it by comparing it with anyone.  I wana make it better. but not better than him or her. My each day has to be better than yesterday, should have more happiness..more love…more smiles…and yes ofcourse more money 🙂 I miss that Anji who was my friend. But I hate that Anji who made herself our competitor.

P.S. I still love me…and will always do!!! 🙂

P.S. I still miss you!!!


When I wake up and I take up my bath

When the sun shines on my window

And eat my breakfast

When I am goin to my office

When my cab comes home

And I travel long hours

When I see the birds flying

When the FM plays loud

And I am listening 2 the songs

When I work with my colleagues

When the phone just rings

And I take up the call

I miss you I miss you I miss you my love


The days fly by

And nights are the usual

Everything is just as it should

No one notices when I walk by

And my heart is not with me

Its somewhere so far away

Its still roaming out ther with you

When everything is just goin on

And my inside is just stuck up

No one knows that

I dnt show that

I dnt cry..not anymore

But I miss you I miss you and I miss you my love


Its been so long

And I should be strong

When my pals see me so silent

They ask me to move on

And say it isn easy

But life just goes on

But all m thinkin is to hug u

And I wana hug you once more..

Cz I miss you I miss you I still I miss you mis amor


I know you are not there

Not even thinkin of my love

You have a new gurl

And a new love and you have moved on

It wasn’ fair what you did to me

And I was so hurt

And all you gave me were the tears

But still I have been a fool

I cant give up on the good times

And the memories of our love

And I miss you I miss you I miss you my love!!!!!

The Promise Day!


On this promise day I Maria Joseph, want to tell you a story. A story of a promise we made to each other and a small part of the wonderful journey we had. And it doesn matter how much it had hurt me later, becz it still remains the most beautiful road travelled so far. It was an evening in late July, 2 years ago. We had both come back early from office and he came to pick me up. We had planned for a movie at a cinema near my place. The weather was divine that evening. The scattery clouds that were showing up that morning had taken over the whole sky with a hue of light orange on the west. And it was very slightly drizzling. He decided to keep his bike at my place only so we could walk to the cinema and enjoy the lovely weather. Tiny little cool drizzles touched my face and I was warmed by the touch of his fingers clasped into mine. We didn say anything to each other just walked slowly and sometimes looked at each other and smiled.It was such a nice evening walk that we both didn’t even feel like going inside to watch the movie. But after staying outside for sometime we both made a wise decision to not to waste money we’ve already spent on the tickets. Golmaal…was a nice entertainer and we laughed our lungs out. He had especially come there to watch it, even though he had already seen it. After the movie was over we came out happy and there was still cool breeze flowing in the air and it was warmed by his presence. We sat at the wall outside the mall and stared at each other with loving eyes. “I love you” he started it..”I love you too”…”I love you three”…”I love you four,five…till infinite”…we always played this game!! And I loved it each time when he would say in the end ..”Ok you always win!” At the age when most of our friends were busy getting married or raising kids already, we sat there like a college couple and loved each bit of it. After a small chit-chat we began to walk towards my home. Still holding hands and enjoying each other’s warm presence. My eyes just felt on the florist nearby and I couldn’t resist..”I want a rose”…he never was quick enough with buying me flowers and I always shamelessly asked. Dunno maybe we had no ego between us then but perhaps it was already budding because when he was about to buy it I paid instead and took it. He might have been a little hurt, I knew he was. But I said, you should have thought first, now I did so I bought it to make him feel worse. Because I had a plan in my mind to surprise him. Just about we were to reach home I pointed towards the park nearby and said, lets go and sit there for sometime. We went inside and took our favourite bench under the big tree. But just as he sat, I bent down on my knees and was beggining to say the famous and my most favourite proposal lines from the movie Runaway Bride. And just as I was on my knees he jumped up and his expression changed from a little hurt to toally surprised. He was breathing heavy and held me and said “No! do not do that, I may not be worth it”, but I smiled and made him quite. Then I took a dreap breath and said ” I guarantee that we’ll have tough times through this and I guarantee that at some point one or both of us will want to get out of this relationship. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life cause I know in my heart you’re the only one for me.” His eyes almost had tears I and could hear his heavy breathing, its sound is still fresh in my ears. Today 2 years later, we both have now walked out of that wonderful relationship we had. Trying or already moved on, with choice or no choice. But the promises he made that night I can still remember. He had then held my hand and was speechless for sometime and then promised me that he’ll always keep me happy and thanked me for that beautiful evening. I thanked him and my god too for sending that wonderful person in my life.
Times change, people change, promises too change their meanings but one thing that always remain the same is the forever fresh aroma of love’s promises one makes ones beloved. The sweet feeling of being promised a lifetime of happiness and smiles.But no season lasts forever. Our promises didn last too long but I hope yours do..may your promises actually be that of a lifetime and stay with you forever and as they say..”Happily ever after”.

My Friends


I was walking down my life
I was happy to be alive
When you came by
My life was the same
And Nothing had got changed
But I had an extra smile
You became my lucky line

I was walking down alone
And my phone rang your tone
I was walking with the tears
And you lend me your ears
I was walking down sad
But your words made me glad
I was walking down in fear
I forgot it when you came near
I was walking in the rain
You made me forget the pain

Everyday he sends us our angels
They dont have winged hands
Nor they hold any wands
But everyday they stay
To brighten up the day
My sweet loving angels